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Private Label Manufacturing


We offer Private Label Manufacturing of Liquid Supplements, which can be used for a wide variety of health and nutraceutical products.

Liquid supplements, one of many supplement delivery systems, particularly popular because this delivery method makes it easier to swallow than traditional pills or even softgels.

Premium Ingredients

Ensuring quality and consistency is our top priority. This starts with sourcing the highest quality ingredients for the formulations used to manufacture our liquid supplements. Our sourcing partnerships provide us with a reliable supply chain of ingredients and compounds of the highest quality, ensuring potency and consistency.

Variety of Liquid Supplements Manufacturing

Our liquid manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize size, format, flavoring, appearance and branding of your liquid supplements and vitamins. We combine the right balance of flavoring and active ingredients to create some of the best tasting liquid supplement formulas on the market. Popular formulas include vitamin shots, energy shots, nootropic shots, pre-workout liquids, relaxation shots, beauty liquids, recovery liquids, etc.

GMP Certified Manufacturing

Our manufacturing processes are certified by industry leading organizations, and your products will be produced in a GMP certified manufacturing facility. We offer direct manufacturer pricing to our customers, being able to provide highly competitive rates that can be as low as 40 percent below the competition!

Superior Quality Control

Our liquid manufacturing follows strict quality control processes from start to finish. Our quality control department checks everything, from the quality of the compounds to be used, to the manufacturing process, and laboratory testing. This in turn provides you with the assurance that your liquids will meet health and regulatory guidelines.

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  • Concept Development

    We can assist you in developing a winning concept for your health products. Careful planning and development supported by market research are the keys to success in the nutraceutical industry.

  • Formulation

    As experts in formulation, we can help you develop successful, custom products with proven delivery methods, enhanced efficacy, and optimal performance.

  • Manufacturing

    Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the leading technology and equipment necessary for developing today’s leading dietary supplements and beauty products.

  • Packaging and Bottling

    WIN Nutra offers a variety of packaging solutions, including package design, prototyping, production, and assembly. 

  • Fulfillment

    We have years of experience managing the fulfillment, logistics and distribution of manufactured products for our health and beauty clients.

Stock Formulas

We have a wide variety of health supplements and vitamins available as Stock formulas for our private label clients. WIN Nutra is a great choice for your private label needs, with the following benefits:

  • Wide Variety of Formulations

  • Low Ordering Quantities

  • Price Matching Program

  • Tier Pricing

  • Excellent Customer Support

For additional information, to schedule a call, or to request a quote, please CALL 1.800.308.9508 or CLICK HERE >>